The Pit bull FAQS


Here at Sentinel Clothing Brand, we love pit bulls. That's why we plaster them all over our shirts! We love this breed so much, that we would like to do everything we can to educate others about them, and show people just how much there is to love. There are certainly a lot of myths circling around pit bulls that sometimes put people off, and we'd like to clear some of them up.
To that end, here are some frequently asked questions about pit bulls we'd like to tackle:
What Exactly Is A Pit Bull?
Despite common knowledge, there isn't just one breed of pit bull. Not only that, but there's a lot of debate about whether pit bull mutts should qualify. Generally, any of the following breeds, or mixes of the following breeds, would fall under the banner of pit bull: Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Pit Bull Terrier, and American Staffordshire Terrier.
Why Are Pit Bull Attacks So Prevalent?
This is a touchy issue for many people. A lot of fear circulates around pit bulls because of their natural strength and clamp and shake bite style. However, just as news coverage of violent crime has gone up, while overall violent crime statistics have gone down, something similar may be happening with coverage of pit bull attacks. There are certainly conflicting reports and opinions, but no matter what information you relate with, the simple truth is that behavior is much more largely determined by training and socialization than breed type.
Are Pit Bulls Naturally Aggressive Towards Humans?
This is another common misconception that we'd like to put to rest; the American Temperament Testing Society has found that pit bulls have a similar aggression rating to other large breeds. For instance, the three main breeds of pit bull received passing scores between 84 and 90 percent. Compare that to the golden retriever, which scored 84.9 percent, and you can see that there's nothing especially dangerous about the pit bull breeds.
How Has The Breed Been Used Historically?
Since about the 19th century, pit bulls have been a popular pet breed in homes. Many historical figures owned them either as pets or service dogs, including Theodore Roosevelt, Helen Keller, John Steinback and Mark Twain. Pit bulls have even served in the military, during WWI. One pit bull, the acclaimed Sergeant Stubby, even received the purple heart for his service! It was only after this time that negative stereotypes began surfacing about pit bulls in the media, and this seems mostly due to their being sought out in illicit, underground dog fighting rings immediately following social backlash against the practice.
Hopefully you found this article interesting and enlightening. Here at Sentinel Clothing Brand, we absolutely adore pit bulls. If you'd like to sport them proudly on your clothing, check out our name brand shirts for sale. We're also working to partner with pit bull charities to increase awareness about this wonderful breed. Stay tuned to our blog for regular pit bull updates. We look forward to sharing more of this wonderful breed with you!